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Scape & Scale Reference

War Zone GTS products are available in a variety of Scapes (colors) and Scales (elevations). Click on the images below to get more detailed information.

Terran (grass)


Badlands (desert)


Bloodstone (Mars)



1" Elevation
75° Slope


3/4" Elevation
75° Slope


½" Elevation
45° Slope


3/4" Elevation
Natural Slope


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Get Your Wargaming Terrain!    
Master Pacs - Engage -Always 10% OFF retail!
Assorted Terrain Sets selected for their compatibility and priced to make 'Kickin' Ass' a little more affordable.
Available only direct from War Zone GTS On-Line.
Table Tops - Engage
1 ½" Lightweight folding gaming boards flocked to match the 'Scape of your War Zone Gaming Terrain System.
X-Pacs - Engage
Terrain eXpansion pacs. Impulse stuff; one, maybe two tactics per bag... tops.
Terrain Sets - Engage
From Mountains to Rocks and Ridges; everything a War Master needs to hinge his battle tactics.
GTS1175 MechWarrior: Dark Age - Engage
Designed especially for the game MechWarrior: Dark Age
Available only direct from War Zone GTS On-Line.
Mage Knight - Engage
Designed especially for the game Mage Knight - Also perfect for RPG'ers
Available only direct from War Zone GTS On-Line.
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(810) 742-8830

MMMD 11-11/7 EST
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